This page is designed to give you a little information about what you can expect at our Sunday services. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

It is no longer necessary to book in advance of attending services at LCPC.

  • In light of restriction changes, we will no longer require the use of masks during the service. You are of course welcome to wear one if you prefer. You can still choose either communal seating, wherein masks are optional, or socially distanced seating, wherein we ask that you wear one. 
  • Entry will be through the door on Little Britain.
  • On arrival a steward will welcome you, hand sanitiser will be available for hand cleaning, and you will be shown directly to your seats. You can choose between communal seating or socially distanced seating. The stewards will ask which you prefer when you arrive.
  • Please bring your own Bible. Service sheets and children’s worksheets will be available on the day and also online, to be printed out at home and brought to the service.
  • Two toilets will be available. 
  • There will not be access to the kitchen, so please bring water if necessary.

Some other questions are answered below:

What if I feel unwell during the week before the Sunday service? If you experience any COVID symptoms, you are strongly advised to be tested for the virus, in accordance with government guidelines, and must not attend church until you recover.

What happens if someone gets sick after being at a service? If anyone becomes unwell with COVID symptoms after attending a service, they are strongly urged to have a COVID test, in line with government guidelines.

Will there be a collection? You are strongly encouraged to give your offerings electronically. The bank details are:

Free Church of Scotland London    

00338852 Account number

12 01 03 Sort code

A collection box will be available for anyone who must make a cash donation. Gift Aid boosts most donations by 25% so please make every effort to use Gift Aid.

Can children attend the service? Yes. Children are very welcome at the service. However it should be noted that:

1. There is a creche available although there is no supervision provided, so parents will need to be with their children in the creche. The service can be heard over the speakers in this room.

2. Sunday School classes for children normally meet after the service during term time.

3. Worksheets should be printed at home and brought with you if at all possible.

4. Children must not leave the family group and must be supervised at all times.

There will be a place available for nursing mothers to feed their babies.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.