Seminars, Sustenance and Socialising with Visiting Preacher Kevin Arévalo

Seminars, Sustenance and Socialising with Visiting Preacher Kevin Arévalo

We were delighted to begin December by welcoming Kevin and Beverly Arévalo, the associate pastor and his wife, from Redeemer Presbyterian Church (Sugar Land, Texas, USA) to LCPC for a visit, which included a variety of activities with the congregation and the quintessential London experience of relentless rain. On Saturday, 2nd December we gathered for fellowship in the church building and a seminar delivered by Kevin, titled, ‘How to Become More Human: Reflections on Tech & Christian Life’. This was followed by questions from, and a discussion with, the audience. In the evening, there were meetings of the Men’s Fellowship group and the ‘Not 20s & 30s Ladies’ group for dinner and quality time with our guests!

Ladies’ dinner with Beverly.

The next day, Sunday, 3rd December, Kevin preached both morning and evening services. In his morning sermon, ‘The Overwhelming Calmness of Christ’, he preached from Mark 4:35-41, and in the evening, his sermon, ‘Come Thou… Unexpected Jesus’ was taken from Matthew 1:1-24. You can watch both of these sermons in the videos below (via Youtube):

During the morning service we were also blessed to witness the joining of three new members to our congregation. These new members included Johnny Magee, and Thomas and Christianna Wikkerink. Our new members took vows in front of the congregation, led by our pastor, Andy. Our new members uttered, ‘I do,’ after each vow, and then Andy prayed in thanksgiving and rejoicing, asking for God’s blessing and strength for Johnny, Thomas and Christianna, and the rest of the LCPC family.

Johnny, and Thomas and Christianna (and their baby, Theo!)

After the service, there was a more informal introduction of Kevin and Beverly to the congregation, with one of our deacons, Jack, interviewing them, and a time for questions.

This was followed by a congregational lunch!

Later in the afternoon, there was a singing practice of some of the Psalm tunes to be used in worship, by several members of the congregation, before we gathered again for the evening service.

Our time with Kevin and Beverly was a blessed one, and it is a great joy, as always, to worship and share fellowship with Christians from all over the world!

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