20s & 30s Do Christmas

20s & 30s Do Christmas

On Friday night, the Twenties & Thirties group met at the manse for our annual Christmas gathering.  After some turkey stew, we grouped round the piano for carol singing.  With Cho on the keys, and some of the girls doing their best Mariah Carey impressions it actually sounded quite good! Well, we thought it did…

With at least 11 different nationalities present, it seemed only fitting to learn about what happens at Christmas time in another country.  Laura and Jacobine told us a bit about the Dutch festival of Sinterklaas.  They gave Andy and Catherine a homemade gift, and even wrote a poem to explain the present (a tradition amongst Dutch family and friends). Some of the more creative members of the group decided that Holland is the place to be in December!

Delicious Dutch chocolate treats!
Delicious Dutch chocolate treats

After some sweet Sinterklaas treats were passed round, it was time to Pass the Parcel – with a Charade twist!  Things got a little competitive, but in the end Ayasha won the coveted prize. (A box of chocolates which she promised to share!)

In addition to celebrating Christmas and Sinterklaas, we were able to celebrate the return of Ki who flew in from Belfast for the weekend. He picked a good time to visit as it was the congregational Christmas lunch on Sunday.  But that’s another blog post…