20s & 30s Sing

20s & 30s Sing

Our last 20s and 30s meeting was held in the church, and had a focus on prayer and worship. But first, there was an enormous delivery from Pizza GoGo, and when everyone had eaten what they could, it was time for our elder, Gabriel, to get the meeting started.

Gabriel spoke about different aspects of prayer, and encouraged us to split into small groups to pray about specific things in the church, our own lives, and for friends and family that we would like to be able to share the Gospel with.

After his talk and the prayer time were over, Jack took the lead and taught the group how to sing a Psalm tune in four part harmony. For most of the group, it was their first time reading music and singing in parts, but with Jack’s choir master skills and assistance from the more experienced singers who were present, it was not long before things sounded…. well, why not watch the video and you can decide what it sounded like for yourself?!

Twenties and Thirties will meet again on Friday 23rd March and we look forward to having Innes MacSween from Smithton Free Church join us. If you would like more information please get in touch.

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