Induction of Rev Andy Longwe

Induction of Rev Andy Longwe

On Saturday 5th of February 2022 Reverend Andy Longwe was inducted as the new minister of London City Presbyterian Church. There was a service held at 2pm with members of the congregation, the Edinburgh and Perth Presbytery, family and friends. The service began with prayer and praise to our God as we sang Psalms together, worshipping Him with thankfulness for his incredible provision. The sermon was preached by David Randall who encouraged us all in the beginning of this new chapter, reminding us to look to Christ crucified in all things. It was exciting to see this new chapter at LCPC begin as Andy then took vows and, after a variety of presentations from members of the Presbytery, including our Interim Moderator Bob Ackroyd, and our elder Gabriel Amorim, was officially made our new senior pastor. 

David Randall
Charlie Douglas
Gabriel Amorim

We then heard from Andy himself as he took on the charge, further reminding us that we are one family in Christ and embarking upon this new journey together. It was a moving service, as those speaking praised God and expressed their love for Him, the Longwes, LCPC, and the joy that comes with the fulfilment of God’s perfect will, heralding a new phase in the life of our London congregation. We were also excited to welcome Andy’s wife Marina and their two children, Theo and Ellie, into our church family and it was delightful to have them worshipping with us for the first time. 

Andy Longwe

After the formal ceremony concluded refreshments were served alongside a time of fellowship with old and new friends. This was followed by presentations from Andy’s brother, Neil Longwe, and friend, Martin Patterson, which were a further introduction of Andy and his family to the congregation, sharing Andy’s life, his passion for ministry, as well as his six years as pastor of Cumbernauld Free Church. It was fantastic to learn more about our new minister and his family from those who know him best. 

Neil Longwe

It was a wonderful afternoon for LCPC, and while we reflect upon this new step in our church life we remember the immense grace of God, His love for us, and His generosity in the provision of our new minister and his family. We are thankful to Him for all that he has done for us and continue in prayer for this exciting next phase in our life as a congregation, looking forward to seeing the fruit of His Word in the city of London for years to come. 

David Randall, Charlie Douglas, Andy Longwe and Harrison Perkins

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