Festive Review

Festive Review

We had lots of events over the festive season at London City Presbyterian Church.  Early on in December we had our Christmas Twenties & Thirties meeting at the manse in Woodford Green.  It was a fun evening with the usual large quantities of food, and everyone got the chance to display their creative skills, theatrical sides and knowledge (or lack of all those things!) in a game of Bible Cranium.


A few days later, the whole congregation enjoyed our annual Christmas fellowship lunch after the Sunday morning service. Organised by Jan (who unexpectedly had to plan it all while she was away from London) and implemented by her husband Calum, it was a magnificent feast and a good time was had by all.


On the 18th of December, we hosted an Advent Music Night where one of our members, Mary Reid, performed a selection of harp pieces that reflected the Christmas story.  The music was interspersed with Bible passages that were read out by some of the men in the church.  It was a very enjoyable evening and a great opportunity to hear some world class music – for free!


The next morning, a group of us gathered at Barbican tube station and sang carols while handing out invitations to our Christmas Service.  The children enthusiastically distributed flyers, and the rest of us were even joined by some members of the public who fancied singing along for a while.  We were encouraged to see new faces at our service the following day, and pray that they will continue to come in the future.