New Members in December 2022

New Members in December 2022

The people of LCPC were delighted to formally welcome seven new members into the congregation on Sunday, December 4th 2022. Two of these members joined through profession of faith and five through membership transfer from other churches. During the morning service our pastor, Andy, welcomed Ruth, Emilia, Angela, James, Kelsey, Kathleen and Davis to the front of the church to take vows of membership and in doing so, officially join the LCPC family.

All seven new members vowed firstly, to acknowledge the Bible as the word of God and their only guide in matters of faith and conduct, secondly, to profess faith in Jesus Christ as the only Saviour of sinners and as their only Saviour and Lord, thirdly, to promise in humble reliance upon the grace of the Holy Spirit to live as becomes the followers of Christ, and finally, to submit themselves to the government and discipline of the church, and to promise to support the worship and work of the church to the best of their ability. After the vows concluded Andy prayed for our new members, and thanked God for His work in their lives, and how He is using them to be a blessing in this world. He prayed for the congregation as a whole, that we might be by their sides, sharing their burdens, and living together to serve God.

Our seven new members have all written a short introduction to themselves to share with the LCPC community:

Emilia says, ‘I am from Slovakia and moved to London from Glasgow to do a Psychology Masters at UCL. It has been a privilege to get involved in LCPC and I am immensely grateful to the Lord for the warm welcome I have received.’

James says, ‘I’m delighted to have become a member. Such a blessing to have found a church family in the city. Outside of church I work in finance and take an active interest in politics. I’m excited to get to know the church family more.’

Kathleen says, ‘I am currently taking my postgraduate study at the LSE. In my free time, I love to read, crochet and hike!’

Ruth says, ‘I’m a 29 years-old design engineer. I joined LCPC in 2021 when I moved to South London, and since the first day I was welcomed and felt at home with everyone. The love and grace of God displayed in this church was the strongest motive contributing to my decision to become a member, the faithful preaching of the Gospel throughout all my stay assured me that all my spiritual and physical needs would be met. I thank the Lord for allowing me to be part of this lovely and caring community where I can contribute with my given gifts and talents.’

Kelsey says, ‘I am originally from North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. I moved to the UK in early 2022 to work with Gospel-centred churches across London. I deeply love the church, the creative arts, and the outdoors.’

Angela and Davis say, ‘We are from New York City and have been attending LCPC since the end of January. Davis is a data analyst, and Angela works for a family care non-profit. We are loving the life God has given us here in London and at LCPC, and are so grateful for the ways this wonderful community is already shaping us.’

Here at LCPC we are always excited and thankful to welcome new people into the congregation and if you would like more information you can contact us here!

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