20s & 30s go to Surrey

20s & 30s go to Surrey

It was a warm spring afternoon on June 11th when the 20s and 30s gathered at the Haffenden home for an afternoon of fellowship and games. At 3pm their bountiful garden in Surrey filled up with many of the church’s young people, kicking off the afternoon with cakes and cool drinks, and for those inclined, a variety of ball sports that continued throughout the day. Many enthusiastic people competed in spike ball, badminton and football as the sun shone down, while others spent time fellowshipping together in a more relaxed mode, scattered on the lawn with cold beverages and conversation, or gathered around the cake table, where some very talented bakers had placed freshly baked goods.

As afternoon turned into evening it became dinner time, for which our hosts outdid themselves with the provision of a delicious meal, and one could hear the clatter of knives and forks of some very happy people as the sun gradually set over the garden. The food was delicious, and there was a lot of chatter and laughter as everybody enjoyed their meals. This was followed by dessert, by the end of which we were all very grateful to our host Rebekah Haffenden for looking after and feeding us so magnificently.

After everybody was pleasantly full and content we all sat in a circle for a devotional. Our host, Dick Haffenden, read a Psalm and shared some thoughts, reflecting on God’s instructions for King David and its application in our lives, and how, most importantly, we have our true King in Jesus Christ, our Saviour. After this Rob prayed for us all in thanksgiving for Jesus, for our hosts and their wonderful hospitality, and the day we’d enjoyed together. As the group eventually began to disperse people waved goodbye in the happy knowledge that we would share company again the next day in corporate worship.

Most of all we were grateful to Dick and Rebekah for having us, and treating us like their family with their generous hospitality. The 20s and 30s have been very blessed in the warmth and love we have received from various members of the congregation opening their homes to us and treating us like their brothers and sisters, and the Haffendens were no exception.

As for the next 20s and 30s, watch this space!

Photos taken with a Canon AE-1 film camera using Kodak Gold 200-speed film

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