Congregational BBQ 2022

Congregational BBQ 2022

It is that time of year: the annual LCPC BBQ at the Campbells’! This is a highlight in the church calendar every year when the people of the church (and visitors!) gather together at the beautiful home of Calum and Jan Campbell, relaxing in the sunshine that covers their verdant meadow, the flowers colouring the abundant greenery, and many happy LCPC people filling their stomachs, with a summertime glow. This year was no different, and the rolling Surrey garden sparkled with wild orchids alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ enjoying each other’s company amongst the beauty of God’s creation. There were many different spaces set out amongst the grass, including a very comfortable hammock, games for the kids, and space for a game of spike ball for the young adults, which was undertaken with vigour. Others went for a more relaxed form of socialisation, enjoying the sun and the shade with cool drinks and conversation.

As usual, Jan and Calum outdid themselves in the food department, serving a bountiful spread of barbecued foods, amongst many other types of fare. We were far from running out even with the dozens of guests, and the Campbells’ hospitality remains a beautiful thing to behold, for which everybody was and is grateful.

After lunch we had a presentation to Harrison and Sarah Perkins, who are moving to America. Harrison is one of our pastors and an elder, and both of them have been invaluable friends and members of the church over the last four years. Pastor Andy made a speech in their honour, and other members of the congregation contributed words of thankfulness for both of them. Gifts were given, a special cake was cut, and many a thanks was extended to our dear brother and sister in Christ.

Naturally, this was followed by dessert.

Jan’s culinary skills were further exercised in the beautiful, sweet spread before us, and the widespread delight was palpable as we all sat around, munching happily. The afternoon continued, and as the sun remained high in the sky, the people of LCPC enjoyed this wonderful opportunity for fellowship that we were and are blessed to experience each and every year.

Photos taken using 35mm film

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