20s & 30s Gathering 5/3/22

20s & 30s Gathering 5/3/22

On 5th March 2022 the 20s and 30s group at LCPC met for a dinner hosted by our church members and dear friends Gillian and Boysie. It was a wonderful evening spent eating, talking and singing Psalms together. Approximately thirty people attended and it was a vibrant atmosphere fostering friendships old and new over Gillian’s delicious food. Our hosts were impeccable and it was not the first time they have welcomed the 20s and 30s into their home for an evening of fellowship. 

The time was a blessing socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Gillian outdid herself with the spread; we sat together as family and ate through a main course of many roast meats, various vegetables, salads, breads, different dips and sauces, and much more. After a quick clean up a number of desserts came out, including Gillian’s famous chocolate cake, which has been enjoyed by many LCPC attendees over the years, and is a firm favourite for all who try it. With the group being pleasantly stuffed, we proceeded to sing Psalms together, precented by Jack and creating a swell of sound in Gillian and Boysie’s east London home in praise to God for his generous gift of fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Throughout the evening we all had the opportunity to talk to many different people in the 20s and 30s group, with newer and older members socialising as one. It was wonderful to welcome those who had not been at LCPC very long and spend quality time getting to know them. It was a blessing to have that time and place to share with others we have met in our London congregation, with people coming from all over the world, uniting in faith over good food and a lot of love from our two beloved hosts. Everyone went away with full stomachs and full hearts, looking forward to seeing each other again the following morning and evening to worship God on the Lord’s Day.

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