Return to Sunday School

Return to Sunday School

2022 has heralded a new season of Sunday School at LCPC! The church is committed to educating young people in the congregation about God, the Bible, and the saving relationship they must have with Him, taught by passionate teachers for children of all ages. We are pleased to share that Sunday School has now returned to in-person classes that take place weekly after the morning service. In the midst of pandemic restrictions the church was producing weekly Sunday School videos for the children and teenagers of LCPC, but as of January 2022 classes have been held as they used to with two Sunday school teachers per class, plus assistants, meeting in-person to learn about God. There are three classes: the primary school class (children under 11 years old), the Catechism class (school years 7-10) and the Teenage Girls’ Bible Study. 

The primary school class has just finished learning about Jesus’ early life and earthly ministry. They have examined many different stories, examples including when Jesus was in the temple as a boy and the calling of the first disciples. In the next six weeks they will be learning about the events leading up to Easter. The children have also been exploring Abraham’s life in Genesis and the covenant formed between him and God, which follows on from the content in the Sunday School videos last year. Between these different topics the children are being taught stories that form the building blocks of faith from both Old and New Testaments. These are supplemented by worksheets and games that illustrate the lesson. The teachers have enjoyed answering the children’s questions and hope that the children will see the teachers’ own love and excitement for reading Scripture and want to learn more. The teachers are working to demonstrate that the Bible is living, active, relevant, and points to Jesus so these children can come to experience their own saving relationship with Him. In the words of one of our teachers, Hei Mun, ‘It is such a privilege to be able to read and talk about God with the children every week. I hope to instil in them a love for God’s Word, but more importantly, a love for the Saviour who it all points to.’

The second class, for children in school years 7-10, is based on the study of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. It is also a space for the children to ask general questions about God and for the teachers to explain the many different tenets of the Christian faith. It is designed to use a structural approach in giving the children an understanding of this faith. Some examples of recently studied topics include creation, providence and the doctrine of man. The teachers of this class have talked a lot about how much they enjoy explaining these different elements of Scripture to the young people; these conversations are intended to give them a good grounding in the basics of their faith, through both the Catechism questions and answers and the children’s personal questions. One of our teachers, Gillian, also enjoys discussing the sermon preached that day with the class because it points them to many different subjects of Scripture that they can explore together. 

The third class for the young people of LCPC is the Teenage Girls’ Bible Study. The teachers are using a book by Elizabeth George called, A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart. This book explores what it means to pursue God’s heart in everyday life and develop a deeper faith, knowledge and understanding of Him. It provides practical application for the students; the content of the book is helping the girls develop routines and habits in their everyday lives that centre around Christ. Examples include the girls deciding on devotional times that work for them and prioritising an active prayer life with a focus on strengthening and deepening their relationship with Christ, amid the busyness that is the life of a teenager today. This class is also a space for the girls to ask the teachers general questions, whether relating to the sermon they just heard, or other things they are curious about in relation to their faith. This is enjoyed by both teachers and students; one of our teachers, Hannah, describes her favourite part of this class to be listening to the girls share and engage with God’s Word and its practical application, saying, ‘I love to see the girls applying what they have heard and read to their daily lives and developing their understanding of how to live a Christ-centred life.’ 

The overwhelming theme of our Sunday School teachers’ words was the joy that comes with seeing young people excited to open and learn from the Bible along with their eagerness to ask questions and apply these lessons to their everyday lives. The teachers have delighted in sharing the story of our Saviour so that the young people of LCPC can further understand and love their God, His Word, and one day come to their own saving faith in Him.

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