Farewell Friends

Farewell Friends

Over the course of the past few weeks, we’ve have had to say goodbye to 2 of our South Korean friends.

First to go was Ryeojin, who lived and worked in the UK for nearly 1.5 years. We first got to know her when she came to London to study English before moving on to Gloucester for work. To our delight she came back a few months later (with excellent English!) and became a regular attender at services, Twenties & Thirties and house groups.

Ryeojin is currently travelling around Europe for a few weeks before finally returning to Seoul.

Next, it was Cho’s turn to go. She attended LCPC for over 2 years, and has featured on the blog a few times before (when she cooked our youth group delicious food and wrote about her experiences of volunteering in Uganda). A gifted piano player, Cho regularly accompanied our hymn singing at Sunday morning services, and contributed beef bulgogi to many congregational lunches.

Seeing as Cho was one of the original members of Twenties & Thirties, they couldn’t let her go without a proper send off. An evening of pizza and games was held in her honour – and of course, there was cake!


Ryeojin and Cho are both unsure as to what they will do in the future. Please pray that they’ll soon know God’s leading in their lives. Both will be missed by the whole congregation here at LCPC – from the youngest to the oldest – so we’re all hoping that they might get the opportunity to come back to London again soon!