Ladies’ Morning Tea

Ladies’ Morning Tea

The ladies of LCPC gathered on 2nd April 2022 for a morning tea at the manse featuring wonderful food and even more wonderful fellowship. Women of all ages were invited by our host, Marina Longwe, to spend some time together on a sunny Saturday morning inside the Longwe home.

Marina provided bountiful trays of different cakes, muffins, and other sweets, culminating in a delicious spread that the ladies enjoyed together with their teas and coffees. It was the first Ladies Fellowship at the new manse and it proved to be the perfect location for the group to gather, thanks to the hospitality of our lovely host. It was a beautiful day in many ways; as we sat in the living room dappled sunlight shone upon us through the windows, a bright atmosphere surrounding the greater beauty that is God’s people coming together. There were many ladies attending and it was a fantastic opportunity to talk and support each other in a relaxed environment, strengthening existing relationships and forging new ones. These are treasured events in the life of the church and God’s care and blessing was felt by all as a lovely morning progressed into an even lovelier afternoon. 

Some new furniture arrived at the manse so the ladies banded together to move it!

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