20s & 30s Picnic

20s & 30s Picnic

The day: Saturday April 23rd 2022. The place: Southwark Park and the manse. The activity: Picnic time and more for the 20s and 30s group! 

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon the 20s and 30s of LCPC gathered together on the lush green grass of Southwark Park in south London. Many of the young adults in the congregation, including some visitors, came from all corners of London to spend time together in the sunshine. Everybody brought food to share, and a patchwork of picnic blankets was weighed down by a variety of foods enjoyed by all.

Members of the group had come prepared to play games and after lunch a volleyball court was constructed. The teams grew to being several people a side and a lot of noise and laughter was heard as they battled it out. This was followed by a game of football which was embarked upon with similar friendly enthusiasm. In the midst of all the sport, our minister’s son was dribbling a football of his own, weaving through the different players, and despite being a toddler, was the undeniable MVP of the afternoon’s games. 

The group then packed up and moved on to the manse where we gathered with hot drinks and refreshments. We were also joined by more 20s and 30s who were unable to make the picnic, adding to the fun and fellowship. There was a Q&A with our minister, Andy, which was facilitated by an anonymous forum set up in advance through which members of 20s and 30s could ask questions. Andy answered questions on many topics, including but not limited to issues facing young Christians in today’s world, spiritual quandaries, factual queries about the Presbyterian and Reformed traditions, as well as personal questions for Andy himself. There was a pizza break in the middle where everybody relaxed for an interlude before returning to the discussion. 

The group broke up afterwards with a lot to think about and looking forward to seeing each other again the following day in corporate worship, and as the sun set outside the windows of the manse the week came to a close in the cultivation and spirit of friendship.

All photos taken on a Canon AE1 Program using 35mm 200-speed film.

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