New Members in January-March 2023

New Members in January-March 2023

The first three months of 2023 have been a blessing at LCPC as nine new members have joined the congregation. On Sunday 29th of January, we welcomed Devin, Winnie, Stephanie and Andrew (pictured above), Frederick, Iona and Jess, and on Sunday 5th of March we welcomed Elie and Daniel.

On both occasions, our new members stood at the front of the church and took vows of membership presented by our pastor, Andy. They vowed firstly, to acknowledge the Bible as the word of God and their only guide in matters of faith and conduct, secondly, to profess faith in Jesus Christ as the only Saviour of sinners and as their only Saviour and Lord, thirdly, to promise in humble reliance upon the grace of the Holy Spirit to live as becomes the followers of Christ, and finally, to submit themselves to the government and discipline of the church, and to promise to support the worship and work of the church to the best of their ability. The vows ended in prayer, with Andy praising and thanking God for His work in the lives of our new members and in the life of our church.

Elie and Daniel.

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