New Members in May 2022

New Members in May 2022

In May 2022 the people of LCPC were delighted to be joined by three new members, through both membership transfer and professions of faith.

On the 1st of May the church welcomed Yige Wang and Lizzie Bond into membership; Yige joined through profession of faith and Lizzie through transferring membership from her previous church. They took vows in the morning service, conducted by our pastor Andy Longwe, and officially became a part of the LCPC covenant community. We’ve asked them to introduce themselves to you, so here they are in their own words:

Yige says, ‘I am from Beijing, China. I am studying History of Art at UCL as an undergraduate student. I enjoy writing on art, visiting museums, travelling with my family, collecting books and reading theology!’

Lizzie says, ‘I’m originally from southeastern Virginia, but have lived a few other places along the East Coast of the United States, including North Carolina, where I completed my undergrad in History and English last May. I moved to England in September to begin a two-year Master’s at Oxford in Early Modern History, 1500-1700. My research looks at how women access and comment upon the law in the early modern British Isles and Atlantic world through petitioning, and I hope to continue onto further legal and doctoral studies following my time at Oxford. Apart from my studies, I enjoy reading and discussing politics and Reformed theology, as well as spoiling my Persian-Himalayan cat, Prynne du Pre. I’m so, so excited to have become a member of LCPC, and am grateful to God for the blessing of the LCPC covenant community!’

Yige Wang and Lizzie Bond

On the 22nd of May Adyan Sharda was baptised and brought into membership through a profession of faith. The ceremony was conducted by our associate pastor Harrison Perkins and after taking vows he was baptised, being sprinkled with water, and formally welcomed into LCPC. In his own words, Adyan has introduced himself:

‘I’m an historian and student studying for an MPhil in Early Modern History at Mansfield College, Oxford. My research interests are on the English Reformation and the Tudor period. My thesis explores the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the 1530s, monastic resistance to the Reformation, and the concealment of holy items and relics from iconoclasm and government seizure. I am interested in understanding the concept of the sacred in Tudor England and the way it was redefined or wholly undermined amongst different denominational groups. I’m from London, though I lived in Ontario Canada for a while. I actually grew up there till I was 16. I graduated from King’s College London in 2021, with a BA in History. Apart from History, I have a huge interest in politics and literature. In the political scene, heritage, tradition, the constitution, and sovereignty are themes that interest me greatly and which I abide by in my principles. Likewise, I am a classic fiction person, who loves Dickens in particular. The only modern I like is Steven King. So reading is a great hobby. I also thoroughly love political philosophy, including Burke and Scruton. A sense of meaning, belonging, and sacred value are emphasised here which has influenced me. Apart from my reading hobbies, I love weightlifting, watching rugby, visiting old monastic ruins, and travelling.’

Adyan Sharda with his family.

These events are a great joy in church life and we look forward to welcoming more people into membership in the future!

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