20s & 30s in Borough

20s & 30s in Borough

Friday night brought with it another of our fortnightly Twenties & Thirties meetings. This time we met at Margaret’s flat in Borough, which meant we could all enjoy stunning night time views of one of London’s newest landmarks – The Shard.

In addition to the view, we enjoyed fantastic food made by Margaret and Laura (chicken & vegetable croissant rings, pecan blue cheese bread, and coleslaw no less!) and great company.


Not only did Margaret host us and cook for us, she was also the main speaker for the evening. She told us her testimony – the story of how she became a Christian – which highlighted how important it is to invite people to church, and not to give up when they say no.

And of course… there was cake. This time there were two – one for Gabriel who turned 30 earlier in the week, and one for Catherine who is a little older!