20s & 30s Returns

20s & 30s Returns

After a break of a few months, our Twenties and Thirties group met again on 13 February. It was a bit difficult to squeeze 34 people into the manse, but we managed! However, not everyone could fit into the living room so our speaker, Brad Bitner, had to deliver his talk across two rooms.


Brad is a tutor in New Testament, Greek and Biblical Theology at Oakhill College and attends LCPC with his wife, Kathi, and their 6 children. He spoke very helpfully on the topic of Prayer, and then opened things up for discussion. Several people contributed openly and honestly about when they find it easy to pray, and things they find helpful to improve their prayer life when they struggle.

As always there was lots of food to eat, and everyone stayed behind afterwards to chat and get to know those attending for the first time a bit better.

Twenties & Thirties will be meeting again later in March. If you would like details of where and when please contact us.